Weekly Worship

Every Sunday at 10:00 AM, we come together as a parish family to celebrate with a Choral Eucharist service from the Anglican Book of Alternative Services. We have a small choir of 4 to 6 members, led by our Organist and Choir Director, Dr. Patrick Carter. Occasionally we also offer Healing Prayers with Laying on of Hands, which takes place during the communion service.




At St. Paul’s, we welcome you if you want to explore what is involved in baptism, regardless of whether you are interested for yourself or wanting to learn more about baptizing an infant or child. A baptism is a very sacred time in the life of the baptized person and that person’s family and friends. It is also a joyous occasion we share with you as the members of the existing faith community here at St. Paul’s.

Since earliest times, the tradition of the church teaches that baptism is the initiation rite of the church. Our understanding of baptism is that, through the waters of baptism, the newly baptized take their place as full members of the church – both the local congregation and the worldwide Christian community. In baptism we believe the Holy Spirit is given freely to the individual and, in baptism, the spiritual gifts to live a life that witnesses to the love of God for the world are also bestowed.

There are several Sundays that are set aside throughout the year for baptisms and we are flexible about working with you to find a date that fits your schedule.

Please Contact Us if you would like to learn more.



St. Paul’s has long been a favourite location for weddings. The church is a great backdrop for photos, and the nave has a lively acoustic for that special singer.

Small receptions can also be held at very reasonable cost in our Parish Hall.

For additional information about having a wedding at St. Paul’s, please visit our Weddings Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page.



At St. Paul’s we are honoured to walk with you and your loved ones as you mourn a loss and celebrate a loved one’s life.

Visit the Contact Us page for the phone number of our current priest so we can provide you with support during your time of loss.

The Cemetery surrounding the church is operated by the City of Hamilton and you can contact them for information about burials at:

Phone: 905-546-4704
Email: cemeteries@hamilton.ca