St. Paul’s is a parish within the Anglican Diocese of Niagara.  The diocese of over 85 parish families stretches from Fort Erie in the south to Orangeville in the north.  It includes Oakville parishes in the east and as far southwest as Jarvis, Ontario.   The current Bishop of Niagara is The Right Reverend Susan J. Bell.  The diocesan Cathedral is on James St. North in Hamilton and the people of the diocese often assemble there for ordinations and other celebrations of the wider church.

At St. Paul’s, we worship in the Anglican tradition, building on a history of faithfulness dating back to the founders of the parish in 1851.

Parish activities in the Glanford area started as early as 1849.  There was no building then, and the congregation met in their homes.  There were rumours that the local tavern, owned by Jacob Terryberry may have seen some type of worship.   Rev. R.N. Merritt, a travelling missionary of the Church of England, provided services and organized the construction of the Anglican church in Glanford.  In 1851 a building committee was established and the project was begun on an acre of land donated by Joseph B. Choate.  The land had been in his family since 1817.   In 1926, a tower was built at St. Paul’s to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the parish.  The tower had been proposed 52 years earlier!  New stained-glass windows were installed in the 1940s.

In the 1990s, the hall and offices were expanded and an air-conditioning system was installed.  Part of that project included efforts to make the building accessible with the inclusion of accessible washrooms and the installation of an elevator.  In 2001, the parish celebrated 150 years of worship and service to the local community.

Today, St. Paul’s is the home of a small but devoted congregation.   We seek to make a difference in the world by supporting one another and reaching out to those in need through initiatives to promote food security through Neighbour to Neighbour, support for Seniors through the diocesan ministry at St. Matthew’s House and speaking out on matters of social justice and equality.   As St. Paul’s moves forward in to the future we stand in a long line of faithful members who have sought to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ in word and action.   Led by the Holy Spirit, our discipleship story continues.  If you are looking for a parish family we would love to have you check us out and become part of that evolving story of love in action.


St. Paul’s Royal Air Force Remembrance Garden  

During World War 2 this area was home to No. 33 Navigation school to train RCAF and RAF pilots based at the local Mt. Hope airport. Between 1941 and 1943 sixteen RAF members training at the navigation school and lost their lives far from their native home in England.

Every year St. Paul’s holds a memorial service for these men who lie far from home.

Our Mission

Ignited by the irresistible love of Jesus, we create opportunities to deepen faith, share stories, and care for God’s world.


1. In keeping with our Baptismal vows, we will strive in word and action to joyfully proclaim the Good News we find in Jesus Christ. We believe God’s love transforms people.

2. We proclaim and respect the dignity and the value of every human being that walks through our doors. We understand that hospitality is a driving force in our communal life. Everyone has something to offer the community (spiritual gifts to share).

3. We believe in striving for excellence in all our worship. We are called to continually be seeking ways to grow and evolve the worship experience we provide at St. Paul’s, while holding to our standard of excellence.

4. As stewards of the gifts of God, we strive to steward all resources entrusted to us as a faith community, including the environment. We believe and practice an understanding that our God is a “God of Abundance” in our decision making and corporate life together.